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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

These images are taken at Veskre in Voss, at one of twelve research sites in the Between the Fjords Lab. The sites vary in temperature, annual rainfall and altitude. This site lies just above a summer farm, about 750 meters above sea-level, and is fenced in to keep the sheep and cows from eating the experiments.

The researchers study how plants react to climate change and changes in temperature. One of the ways they do that, is by setting up 25 x 25 cm plots of land, and conducting different experiments on them. For example to remove all the mosses, but leave the herbs and grasses, or take away the grasses, but leave the mosses and herbs. They have also moved plots between the research sites, to see how the plants react when they are placed in a new environment.

Then, during the summer months, they sit on their knees, counting the plants. They fill what they observe into forms, which later is digitalized and made into statistics and graphs, and eventually it ends up as scientific articles.

I traveled to Veskre together with Silje Andrea Hjortland Östman, Linn Cecilie Krüger and exchange student Selina Große to prepare the site for winter.

1: One of the 25 x 25 cm plots.

2: View from the research site.

3: Weather station, equipment and experiment plots.

4: Where all the weather data is stored.

5: The sheep went home, the fence can come down.

6: One of the censors, measuring the temperature in the ground.

7: The vegetation is cut by hand, to simulate grazing.

8: A map showing the plots on the research site.

9: The weather station.


Photography: Ådne Sandvik Dyrnesli

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