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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Art & Science Research Group is a new initiative that aims at establishing a fruitful relationship between the Academy of Art and Design and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen, to further the research, dialogue and communication on Climate Change.

—The course will run for 10 weeks (38-47) and will be jointly led by visiting artist Aleksandra Mir in coordination with Thomas Spengler, professor at the Geophysical Institute and Anna Nele Meckler, associate professor at the Department of Earth Science, including a number of climate scientists from the Bjerknes Centre.

— Aleksandra Mir will host a once weekly group session where students will share their progress and where diverse artistic strategies that converse with and illuminate science will be explored, such as: data visualisation, propaganda and other poetic, conceptual, narrative, documentary and speculative artistic forms.

— Participating students will be paired with a researcher and/or team that will mentor them in their specific field:

- ice sheet behavior (with computer models) - global circulation pattern in the atmosphere - DNA of ancient organisms from the ocean floor, to reconstruct the ocean state in the past (including DNA laboratory with "space suits") - response of mountain plants to climate change in Norway (including fieldwork in Norway) - predicting seasonal climate (instead of common weather prediction for the next week, predict what the next season will be like) - ocean currents - ancient dripstones from  South Africa revealing climate during the time of Early Homo Sapiens evolution - sea level rise impacts in small South Pacific island states

- permafrost response to climate warming

The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research is a collaborative organisation that brings together climate scientists from several institutions in Bergen: The Geophysical Institute, the Department of Earth Science, the Department of Biological Sciences (all University of Bergen), NORCE Climate, the Institute of Marine Research, and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre. Scientists at the Bjerknes Centre study climate on a range of different timescales (past, present, future) and with many different approaches, such as digital climate models, observations, experiments, reconstructions, theory, etc.

Geophysical Institute

Department of Earth Science

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Physical Geography

NORCE Climate

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre 

Institute of Marine Research

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