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I WANT TO CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE - Contributions from readers

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Last year (2020) we had the collective idea to respond to Zoe Leonard's famous artwork "I Want A President" (1992) where she spells out her desires (typically perceived as naive, simplistic and unrealistic demands) in the face of yet another 'business-as-normal' presidential election that always automatically excludes potential candidates in her own inner circle:

In homage, we rephrased Zoe's WANTS to the subject most pressing to us today — climate change — and we invited students and teachers from other schools, universities and institutes to contribute.

Then we simply combined our personal WANTS, no matter how seemingly fantastical, simplistic, outrageous or silly, hoping to build a long list together with other student bodies around the world who like to describe their local realities and channel their desires in this poetic format with us. Here are some of those responses:

I want every Person to accept, that he or she is nothing special, but that we all are part of something special

I want no copyrights on nature

I want a world where nobody claims this is my world or this is my sky

I want a world where everybody can trust that power is never misused

I want the insight for everyone, that problem solving starts by listening not speaking

A want to learn at school already what are the problems and cultivate a critical way of living

I want to see the world with new -benevolent- eyes

I want everybody wants to see the world with new -benevolent- eyes

Read about the origins of this idea: I WANT, I WANT, I WANT

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