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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

By Students

Last week we had the collective idea to respond to Zoe Leonard's famous artwork "I Want A President" (1992) where she spells out her desires (typically perceived as naive, simplistic and unrealistic demands) in the face of yet another 'business-as-normal' presidential election that always automatically excludes potential candidates in her own inner circle:

In homage, we are now rephrasing Zoe's WANTS to the subject most pressing to us today climate change — and we are inviting students and teachers from other schools, universities and institutes to contribute!

We are simply combining our personal WANTS, no matter how seemingly fantastical, simplistic, outrageous or silly, and hope to build a long list together with other student bodies around the world who like to describe their local realities and channel their desires in this poetic format with us:


I want to go back in time to the 60s and refuse all my plastic toys

I want all the money in domestic airline travel in Sweden to be directed into the national railways

I want history and now to become one through the climate compensated railway, apologizing on behalf of Mother Coal And Steam Powered Train

I want to praise my grandmother who in the 70s was appalled by our plastic waste and even repaired supermarket plastic bags with holes in them so they could be re-used while everyone laughed and said she was crazy

I want Norway to disengage with our largest industries such as oil, gas, and breeding of fish, without worrying about international trade and politics

I want Norway to learn how to repair its clothes this year

I want Norway to see that this could very well be part of the sustainable future it wants to represent

I want every nation to stand by each other

I want this to happen now

Do you have any WANTS to contribute to this list? Email us! All WANTS will be edited together and published here on our BLOG as one anonymous text, with credit reference to the institutions where we study.

So far we have invited:

- Academy of Art & Design, Bergen (all students)

- Pomona college, Claremont, CA (Lisa Anne Auerbach's class)

- Zurich University of the Arts (Mareike Dittmer's class)

- Ocean / Uni umbrella: - Ca’Foscari University Venice (Environmental Humanities master program) - Design Academy Eindhoven (Geo-design master program) - Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (Diploma MArch)

You must be a student or teacher at an invited institution to participate as we are unable to process replies from the general public. You can send in your WANTS individually, or collect them from your whole class. Don't forget to credit your school, university or institute!

Email Submissions: Deadline: 30 November 2020

If you are a student who wants to participate but your school is not yet listed, send us an email!

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