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DRIPSTONES—By Flavia Parone

Dripstones are timelines which grow in olds underground hollows

the ink sinks in and dives in earth’s skin tracing letters from an old spelling life recording

We are dancers too Dancing fast, high impact we are folding time.

Creating illusion of eternal shadows From our gests that never accept to decompose we are stretching time.

Today we’re looking to the past timelines I wonder how our lines will look like

Desire of eternity is born long time ago somewhere in space and time And star-dusts is its nickname Have always been forever will forever travelling

from costume to costume changing hiding changing ship treating death like a fool

They once joined earth And spread from her heart layer after layer up to our skin mumbling their odd impulse infecting us from their desire

up to the scalp falling to the floor of our bedrooms on the tiles or on the windowsills from where they escape again before we swallow them in our vacuum

When earth derm's hollows dry Stalagmites freeze in time Storytellers mute for a while In ungrowing lines

Dusts scrutinize the water dropping jealous of the tear that will stand still sees in her seat the perfect place for hiding

Confounding still time with life everlasting

praising her absence, lies down in her bed

puts on her suit and refuse its function

deflects the architecture of her oeuvre

into a jump-cut that wobble the future

What if old particles of me already fallen from my younger body flew and decayed close to a tree? Was I swallowed by his roots Whispering him my last thoughts?

Who you were when I was not even born Is now part of a strong rock or a bird Maybe it’s a reason to be less scared Of what means to disappear


Flavia Parone is a 22 year-old art student at the Academy of Art & Design in Bergen, on an Erasmus year from the Sculpture department of La Cambre school in Brussels. She has spent this semester in the lab of reseracher Jenny Maccali, discovering the processes of speleothems analysis and exploring the dripstones archives of the Earth Sciences Department, University of Bergen.

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